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Technology Resource Consulting

  Support Consulting approach and the value of using a Technology Resource Consulting Company like TelecomBroker4u, Inc. Below is a summary of the importance.

We started our venture /journey back in 2005 when TelecomBroker4u, Inc. was formed as a Company. We started in the telecommunication & technology industry back in 1998 during the period of money being thrown at just about anyone and any company that could come up with a white paper about a business philosophy that might work  Business customer were being told one thing and the carriers were doing the exact opposite. We formed our company based on relationships.  Forming a business relationship with your customers is key- gaining trust goes both ways!  We treat our business customers with respect, dignity, honesty and are very transparent on all our dealings. Our main objective is to support your business, the people involved and increase productivity while maintaining cost. We explore these items below: 

  • All Financials of your Network Services & Other departments pertaining to Billings- Telecom, Data, Voice, Mobile, Collocation, cost and execution.

  • Present Solutions & Cost Analysis in-depth 

  • Multi-Site Reviews /HQ

  • Global Reach & Reviews for multi-platform corporations

  • Multi-Carrier approach allows cost superiority. 

  • New Technology items and product discussions

  • Creativity division to help mold the future for your technology needs

  • SD-Wan applications and deployments -new tech tools

  • Large Fiber & Large Bandwidth build-outs and deployments.

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