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           Service & Contract Negotiations

 Service Contracting & Negotiations

  You might ask why do we need a Company to provide contracting & negotiations for?  Here are some things listed below that tell the story.

  1. Companies that have experts within there field review there products & services save on average 18.5% over there competitors in the same field/industry.  This gives them a competitive edge and advantage when going to the market.

  2. When reviewing your current/existing services many times you miss things that have been overlooked. A second set of eyes for industry leading folks with experience never hurts.

  3. By using TelecomBroker4u, Inc. contract servicing and negotiations system, your company will enjoy the best products and services in the industry.

  4. Cost- many companies come down to bottom-line dollars.  With TelecomBroker4u we insure you are gaining on the technology side while enjoying a cost that is in line with the market.

  5. Negotiations is based upon our unbiased philosophy which we review your contacts, billing, products and services and make the best recommendation that will meet your business goals and objectives.

  6. We do all the work. On the back-end we are contacting the carriers one at a time and discussing with them your network goals, and needs.  From there we compile all the information necessary to present the best solution.

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