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Network Solutions /Fiber

 Network Solutions is key to everyday operations of a Company. What does network solutions look like and how do we deploy them?? 

  1. First step is to schedule/ set meeting with an expert within the industry in our case TelecomBroker4u, Inc. 

  2. Write down your pain points, and network objectives so we can discuss them with you and your management team responsible for this area within your business.

  3. Set priorities for how you want to accomplish your goals by creating a list of importance. An example would be we would like to save as much money on our spending as possible, or we need a faster internet connection.

  4. Work with us to identify the steps you would like to take to achieve your business goals.  

  5. Contact the providers/carriers that will be suit your business needs/goals.

  6. Create and RPF or request for proposal to at least 3-5 companies that will provide bids and information back to us.

  7. Do a Q&A Session with us to determine if you need anything changed

  8. Sign the contractual agreements

  9. Move to implement stage and start the provisioning stage. 

  10. Move the order to pre-installation & information gathering stage

  11. Installation of services and oversight by TelecomBroker4u, Inc. to insure our customers are 100% satisfied.

  12. TelecomBroker4u, Inc. stays on for the entire (Term of the Agreement) for a very nominal fee -to review billings, help during outages, help deploy new services and locations and troubleshoot if necessary.

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